PRB Coal Chutework Design Project

Date 2007/8/10 19:10:00 | Topic: Projects

21 North Design Services, LLC (21NDS) completes another chutework project.
21NDS completed another chutework project for a US based engineering firm. The work that was awarded to 21NDS included four(4) main head chute assemblies for 72" conveyors, and the associated transfer chutes. The US based engineering firm required the services of 21NDS to maintain the necessary project deadline. The chutework was designed to control PRB Coal at a rate of 1500 TPH per conveyor through the transfer station.

21NDS has extensive experience designing chutework systems. PRB Coal requires special design consideration to protect the safety of maintenance personnel, as well as the system itself. 21NDS also has the capabilites to render and animate live product flowing through chutework. The ability to design material handling projects with Live Flow Animation has proven 21 North Design Services, LLC has the experience for that next challenging project.

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